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Daniel DiCicco is a tough and experienced trial lawyer driven to win in court. 


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  Attorney Daniel DiCicco  

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I love what I do. The strategy, the tactics, the courtroom drama. When you need a passionate fighter, I'm here to help.


Must-Win Business Litigation Strategy

The business lawyers that win cases are the ones that shoot straight, play a fair game, and can't be bullied around. That's who Daniel DiCicco is and that is why he wins. He represent businesses in both defense and plaintiff roles throughout the nation when losing is not an option.

Representing Your Business During Times of Conflict

Conflicts are an inevitable part of doing business. The key to smooth business operations during these times is to make smart strategic and tactical decisions aimed at achieving your business goals. Mr. DiCicco's job is to help guide your decision-making with a clear head when things have gotten heated.

Give Dan a call for a free consultation.  He is always happy to discuss your business goals and how he can work with you to acheive those goals with smart litigation.

What to Expect in Litigation

As your business grows, so too do your odds of becoming a target. Partnerships dissolve, employees become disgruntled, vendors can cheat you, and contracts can go unfulfilled. And of course, there are always people looking to make a quick buck by filing a bogus suit. You need to know how to defend yourself in civil litigation and you need to know how to enforce your rights.

So how does it work?

It Starts with a Free Consultation

So you've been sued, or you think you might need to sue. The first thing to do is simply pick up the phone and give Dan a ring. His direct number is He is happy to talk it through with you and see if your issue is the type of dispute he can help resolve. If so, then he'll schedule a free consultation at his downtown office to discuss things in more detail.​ If everyone agrees to move forward at the sit-down, then you will sign a retainer agreement and get to work.

Early Stages of Litigation - When You Are the Plaintiff

If you or your business is going to be the plaintiff in a suit, then you have the opportunity to get ahead in the game by carefully curating your evidence before filing. Once we are convinced that we have a strong cause of action against the defendant, then we will generally reach out to the other side with a demand letter summarizing our evidence and the affirmative action the other side must take to avoid being sued. It is not uncommon for a case to be favorably resolved without a lawsuit ever being filed. This is the best of all worlds and should be an ideal outcome.

Early Stages of Litigation - When You Are the Defendant

Many prospective clients come to Dan with a lawsuit or demand letter in hand. They've been sued, or are about to be sued, and they need a defense today. When you're the defendant, it's critically important to get your ship in order as soon as possible. We need to assess the validity of the claims, strategize about potential counter-claims, and ensure that our first contact with the plaintiff is strong and professional. They need to know that you aren't going to roll over without good cause, and to the greatest extent possible we want to be able to place them on the defensive. Often when a plaintiff realizes that risk is a two-way street in a lawsuit, cooler heads can prevail and a favorable outcome can be reached.

Mid-Stage Litigation - Discovery and Motion Practice

Litigation can sometimes feel like it lasts forever. The courts can be slow. Discovery - the process of finding and producing documents, giving and taking recorded depositions, finding experts to produce detailed reports - this all takes time. When Discovery is done, Motion Practice begins. In this stage, the parties generally try to knock each other out of the case by convincing a judge that they can't possibly lose. This is called Summary Judgment and it is very common, very important, and something we like quite a bit. When we work together, we'll spend a lot of time talking about Discovery and Summary Judgment.

End-Stage Litigation - The Jury Trial

The jury trial is the main event. What you've seen on TV isn't that far from the reality of it. The Judge, the Jury, the clever cross examinations and passionate arguments; trial is the ultimate test of a lawyer's skill. The thing is, no one goes to court expecting to lose. Every attorney has their theory of the case, and in this game, at this level, every attorney knows what they're doing. So what's the difference maker?

We win cases because we know how to tell a story. Your story. Trial is the medium for the story. It's a two-act play and it's live action, done in a single take. The jury is the audience and when we win, it's because we know how to frame your story in a way that the jury can connect with. It might be righteous indignation on your behalf. It might be pity. It might be that they can see themselves wearing your shoes and they know how you feel. When we can do that, we win cases. 


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