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  Attorney Daniel DiCicco  

Litigator and Trial Counsel

I'm not just an attorney - I'm also an experienced software engineer with deep technical expertise in enterprise technology. When we need to unpack a complex technical problem, I'm who you want on your team.


Oregon White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crime is non-violent, financially motivated crime and includes Fraud, Embezzlement, Computer hacking, Business Theft, Securities violations, Corporate crime and more. Individuals facing these charges require technically savvy, detail-oriented legal defense dedicated to keeping you out of prison.

Our Technology Expertise Helps Unpack the Case

White collar crimes are always complicated. It's the paper trails that make or break the case. Digital finger prints, computer logs, financial statements, receipts. Your defense team needs to understand business, technology, and law in equal parts. Our technology expertise can give you the forensic edge you need to succeed.

Your Motivations Are Important

Few individuals commit financial crimes out of pure, unadulterated greed. There is always something beneath it, be it addiction or mental health issues or incredible stress.

We care about these things. And you know what? So do Judges and Prosecutors. Sometimes the best way to avoid serious consequences is to address the root issue. Doing so can result in reduced or dismissed charges in many scenarios.

White Collar Defense & Government Investigations

White collar criminal charges are generally not the result of a single discrete, acute event. Instead, government investigators like the Portland White Collar Crimes Investigation Unit or various Federal agencies like the SEC or FBI take their time in longer, more careful investigations. We represent individuals in State and Federal courts throughout Oregon.

Construction Fraud

In Oregon's booming housing market, contractors are doing incredible business. Sometimes, too incredible. We have seen good people over-extend themselves and their business and end up charged with fraud-related charges including Theft and Racketeering. Your intent really matters in these cases and we can help define your story to protect you against serious consequences.

Elder Fraud

Caring for aging friends and relatives can be filled with landmines. Oftentimes, people need to exercise control over the finances of an Elder and end up crossing a line. If you have been accused of financial exploitation then it is important to proactively gather evidence showing the nature of your relationship with the alleged victim. Police frequently lack insight into the bigger picture and we can help tell the rest of the story.

Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion

Paying taxes in the United States is ridiculously complicated and burdensome and it is not at all uncommon for individuals and corporations to make mistakes on their returns. Tax Fraud is when the government accuses you of lying about the income or expenses listed on those returns, whereas Tax Evasion is simply not filing returns at all, or significantly under-reporting your income. In any case, you will need a business-savvy criminal defense attorney as well as an experienced tax professional to help design your defense.

Securities Violations

Selling shares in a company is a highly regulated industry and can result in both State and Federal criminal charges. In Oregon, when a company sells something to investors who expect profits but have no authority in the control of the company, that something is defined as a security. When you're buying and selling securities, you have registration obligations with State and Federal agencies that can result in civil and criminal penalties if ignored. You also cannot make false or misleading statements in the pursuit of selling securities. It's very easy to get in trouble with securities and you will need focused and dedicated help if you do. 

Business Theft and Embezzlement

Business disputes that start in the civil realm can sometimes spill into the criminal realm. When an employee takes money from a business without a right to do so, that's embezzlement and theft. Prosecutors in Oregon can be quite harsh about these types of cases. It is important to retain representation as early as possible if you have been charged or think you might be charged.

Computer Crimes - Hacking, Piracy, Revenge Porn, Crypto Theft & Fraud

There are a lot of ways to get in trouble on a computer. With our deep technical expertise, we know just about all of them. If you are accused of a serious computer crime then you want a criminal lawyer who speaks your language. Attorney Daniel DiCicco holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The George Washington University and has extensive experience as a software engineer and technology entrepreneur. In other words, we can help.


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